Mrs. Doubtfire

Mrs. Doubtfire is a 1993 American comedy-drama movie, based on the novel Madame Doubtfire. It stars Robin Williams as Daniel Hillard, a divorced actor who disguises himself as a nanny since he desperately wants to be with his children.

Release dates

Country Premiere
23x15px Canada 24 November 1993
23x15px United States 24 November 1993
23x15px Australia 16 December 1993
23x15px Puerto Rico 23 December 1993
23x15px Kenya 24 December 1993
23x15px Brazil 25 December 1993
23x15px Argentina 6 January 1994
23x15px Panama 14 January 1994
23x15px South Korea 22 January 1994
23x15px Germany 27 January 1994
23x15px Hong Kong 27 January 1994
23x15px Austria 28 January 1994
23x15px United Kingdom 28 January 1994
Irelandborder|20px|class=noviewer|baseline|Flagge Ireland Ireland 28 January 1994
23x15px Israel 28 January 1994
23x15px Iceland 28 January 1994
23x15px New Zealand 28 January 1994
23x15px Venezuela 2 February 1994
23x16px  Switzerland 4 February 1994 (Italian speaking region)
23x15px Cyprus 4 February 1994
23x15px Spain 4 February 1994
23x15px Greece 4 February 1994
23x15px Poland 4 February 1994
23x15px Portugal 4 February 1994
23x15px Sweden 4 February 1994
23x15px Belgium 9 February 1994
23x15px France 9 February 1994
23x15px Hungary 10 February 1994
23x15px Taiwan 10 February 1994
23x15px Denmark 11 February 1994
23x15px Italy 11 February 1994
23x15px Ecuador 16 February 1994
23x15px Jamaica 16 February 1994
23x15px Finland 18 February 1994
23x15px Lebanon 18 February 1994
23x15px Turkey 18 February 1994
23x15px Indonesia 22 February 1994
23x15px Philippines 23 February 1994
23x15px Netherlands 24 February 1994
23x15px Latvia 25 February 1994
Mexicoborder|20px|class=noviewer|baseline|Flagge Mexico Mexico 25 February 1994
23x15px Czech Republic 3 March 1994
23x15px Peru 3 March 1994
23x15px Slovenia 3 March 1994
23x15px Slovakia 3 March 1994
23x15px Bulgaria 4 March 1994
23x15px Norway 4 March 1994
23x15px Thailand 5 March 1994
23x15px Chile 17 March 1994
23x15px Russia 18 March 1994
23x15px Uruguay 18 March 1994
23x15px Bolivia 24 March 1994
23x15px Romania 1 April 1994
23x15px Japan 16 April 1994
23x15px Croatia 28 April 1994
23x15px Estonia 13 May 1994
23x15px Singapore 19 May 1994
23x15px Paraguay 20 May 1994
23x15px Malaysia 25 May 1994
23x15px India 24 June 1994
23x15px Egypt 1 August 1994
23x15px Lithuania 21 October 1994


Daniel Hillard (Robin Williams) is a voice actor who quits his job over a smoking issue in a cartoon. Then, he throws his son Chris a birthday party, which is against his wife Miranda (Sally Field)'s wishes because Chris received bad grades on his report card. After a long argument, Miranda asks Daniel for a divorce.

Daniel has 90 days to get a job and a place to live. He later discovers that his wife wants a nanny. So, he makes several calls to his wife, using fake names and different accents, to be hired. Eventually, he gets the job.

Daniel Hillard goes to his gay brother Frank (Harvey Fierstein) and his partner Jack (Scott Capurro) to get a makeover. The makeover makes him look like a woman, which is exactly what Daniel had hoped for.

Miranda is later seen dating Stu Dunmeyer (Pierce Brosnan). Disguised as Mrs. Doubtfire, Daniel babysits his three children. When he, his family, and Stu go to Bridges Restaurant to celebrate Miranda's birthday, Daniel must switch in and out of costume repeatedly since he is also eating dinner with Jonathan Lundy (Robert Prosky). While drunk, Daniel ends up mixing up the two outfits. Later, when he saves Stu from choking (disguised as Mrs. Doubtfire), Daniel's face mask comes off, exposing him. Horrified and angered, Miranda immediately leaves with the children while Stu is confused, but thanks Daniel for saving him.

Afterwards, Miranda is awarded full custody of the children while Daniel can only see them with supervision. After realizing how easier it was having Mrs. Doubtfire around, Miranda calls the court and allows Daniel to pick up his children after school and unsupervised.

Cancelled sequel

In 2001, Bonnie Hunt began development on Mrs. Doubtfire 2, but Williams disapproved and claimed that the script was scrapped multiple times. On April 17, 2014, production on Mrs. Doubtfire 2 began. Williams' death in 2014, production on the sequel was cancelled. However, it is possible that Williams could have filmed scenes for the sequel when he was alive.

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