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Motorvision is a home video released by the Seattle grunge band Soundgarden. It was released on November 17, 1992.


It features eight songs performed live at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle, Washington on March 5, 1992 and March 6, 1992 during the Badmotorfinger tour. Motorvision was released on VHS only, with no official DVD version available.

The video features candid footage of the band and people associated with it, including Sub Pop co-founders Bruce Pavitt and Jonathan Poneman. Before the first song begins, the band is introduced on stage by a clown, J. P. Patches.

Track listing

  1. "Searching with My Good Eye Closed"
  2. "Rusty Cage"
  3. "Outshined"
  4. "Little Joe"
  5. "Mind Riot"
  6. "Room a Thousand Years Wide"
  7. "Jesus Christ Pose"
  8. "Slaves & Bulldozers"


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