File:Stop hand.png NO IMAGE UPLOADS! File:Stop hand.png

NOTICE: Simple English Wikipedia does not let users upload images (pictures or photos) any more. Please read our Image use policy.

This means, if you want to use a picture file in an article on Simple English Wikipedia, you must upload it at Wikimedia Commons, instead of using this page.

However, if you are uploading a SPOKEN ARTICLE, feel free to do so, but remember to add {{local file}} to the description page so other users would not be confused.

"Commons" is the place that shares images with all the Wikimedia projects (Wikipedia, Wikibooks, Wiktionary, Wikisource, Wikiquote), in every language. Whenever a picture is placed on the Commons, it can be used here (and everywhere else, too) right away. Please read Commons:First steps for more.

Because of our NO UPLOAD policy, any image you upload to Simple English Wikipedia with this page, may be deleted with no warning by an administrator.