A manga is a Japanese comic book.

Manga is drawn by a mangaka (Japanese for cartoonist: an artist of comics). Manga is usually read from right to left.

The word manga can be both singular and plural, and mean both the medium of comics or a single comic. It is a form of art that is used to draw comics and develop Anime (animated cartoons of manga art). Colors and symbols are important.

Types of manga

  • Yōji (幼児向け漫画) - Manga for people aged 1–4.
  • Kodomo (or Jidō) manga (児童漫画、子ども漫画) - manga that appeals to many small children.
  • Shōnen (少年漫画) - A boy is usually the main character in these types of manga. The storyline is mostly about adventure/fighting.
  • Shōjo (Lua error in package.lua at line 80: module 'Module:Language/data/iana scripts' not found. - Manga that features human emotions and relationships. Mostly for girls aged 13–17.
  • Seinen - manga that is written for college-aged young men
  • Seijin (成人漫画) - manga that might appeal to men more than women.
  • Josei/Redikomi (女性漫画 レディースコミック、レディコミ) - (Abbreviation of English "LADIes' COMIc") manga that might appeal to women more than men.
  • Shōnen-ai (少年愛) - manga that features a romantic relationship between two male characters. Also known as Yaoi.
  • Shōjo-ai (少女愛) - manga that features a romantic relationship between two female characters.Another name Yuri(百合)

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