Louis VI of France

Louis VI the Fat
King of the Franks (more...)
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Reign29 July 11081 August 1137
Coronation3 August 1108, Cathedral Ste Croix, Orléans
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BirthplaceParis, France
Died1 August 1137(1137-08-01) (aged 55)
Place of deathBéthisy-Saint-Pierre, France
BuriedSaint Denis Basilica, Paris, France
PredecessorPhilip I
SuccessorLouis VII
ConsortLucienne de Rochefort
Adélaide de Maurienne (10921154)
ChildrenPhilip, Rex Filius (11161131)
Louis VII (11201180)
Henry, Archbishop of Reims (11211165)
Robert, Count of Dreux (c.11231188)
Constance, Countess of Toulouse (c.11241176)
Philip, Archdeacon of Paris (11251161)
Peter, Lord of Courtenay (d. Bet. 1179-1183) (c.11251183)
Royal HouseHouse of Capet
FatherPhilip I (23 May 105229 July 1108)
MotherBertha of Holland (c.1055-1094)
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Louis VI (1 December 10811 August 1137), called the Fat (Lua error in package.lua at line 80: module 'Module:Language/data/iana scripts' not found.), was King of France from 1108 until his death (1137).

Marriages and children

He married in 1104: 1) Lucienne de Rochefort — the marriage was cancelled.

  • Their child:
    • 1) Isabelle (c.1105 – before 1175), married (ca 1119) William of Vermandois, seigneur of Chaumont

He married in 1115: 2) Adélaide de Maurienne (10921154)