List of settlements in Bangladesh

Map of Bangladesh

This is a list of major cities and towns in Bangladesh.

Municipal areas

Barisal Division

Towns in Barisal Division:

Chittagong Division

Towns in Chittagong Division, except for the city of Chittagong:

Dhaka Division

Towns in Dhaka Division:

Khulna Division

Towns in Khulna Division, except for the city of Khulna:

Rajshahi Division

Towns in Rajshahi Division:

Rangpur Division

Towns in Rangpur Division:

Sylhet Division

Towns in Sylhet Division:

Metropolitical areas

Metropolitan Areas
Name Division District Population Area Wards Established
Barisal Barisal Barisal 23,24,310 24.91 Sq Km 30 2003
Chittagong Chittagong Chittagong 2,023,489 157 Sq km 41 1340
Comilla Comilla Comilla 2,000,000 920.60 S.q km 27 1890
Dhaka Dhaka Dhaka 5,333,571 815.85 Sq km 90 1608
Rajshahi Rajshahi Rajshahi 388,811 157 Sq km 35 1991
Rangpur Rangpur Rangpur 3,20,000 50.66 Sq km 58 2010
Sylhet Sylhet Sylhet 369,425 57.64 Sq km 27 2001