List of national fruits

This is a list of national fruits arranged alphabetically by country. Some national fruits are officially designated, some are unofficial.

National fruits

Country Common name Scientific name Picture Reference
Armenia Apricot Prunus armeniaca 90px
Bangladesh Jackfruit[1] Artocarpus heterophyllus 90px
Brazil Cupuaçu[source?] Theobroma grandiflorum 90px
Cambodia Lady's Finger Banana
(chek pong moan in Khmer)
Musa acuminata 90px [2]
China Kiwifruit Actinidia deliciosa 90px [3]
Jujube Ziziphus zizyphus 90px [4]
India Mango Mangifera indica 90px [5]
Iran Pomegranate[source?] Punica granatum 90px
Jamaica Ackee Blighia sapida 90px [6]
Japan Lychee[source?] Litchi chinensis 90px
Japanese persimmon Diospyros kaki 90px [7]
Mexico Avocado[source?] Persea americana 90px
Malaysia Durian[source?] Durio zibethinus 90px
Pakistan Mango (Summer national fruit) Mangifera indica 90px [8]
Guava (Winter national fruit) Psidium spp 90px
Philippines Mango Mangifera indica 90px
New Zealand Kiwifruit Actindia deliciosia 90px


  2. The Royal Decree states the chicken egg banana is known as Musa aromatica but this is an outdated taxonomic name still used in Cambodia. This cultivar is also known as kluai khai in Thailand which has a similar meaning, that being "Egg Banana." And it is known as pisang mas in Malaysia in which they can be found to be synonyms for the Lady's Finger Banana.
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