List of islands of Japan

List of islands of Japan may be grouped by type or location. Japan is a country of islands.[1]

Main islands

Japan has four main islands running from north to south. The general shape of the island grouping looks like the body of a dragon with its head erect.[2]

List of smaller islands of Japan

Japan has 6,000+ smaller islands and 430+ are inhabited.[1]


Islands in Sea of Japan

Islands in Tokyo Bay

Islands in Osaka Bay

Islands in Ise Bay

Islands in Pacific Ocean

Islands near Kyūshū

Most of these are in the East China Sea.

Nansei Islands

Satsunan Islands

The northern half is administratively part of Kagoshima Prefecture and Kyūshū.

Ōsumi Islands

The North-Eastern Group:

The North-Western Group:

Tokara Islands

The Shichi-tō:

Amami Islands

Ryukyu Islands

The Southern Half, Okinawa Prefecture

Okinawa Islands

The Central Group or Ryukyu proper:

Sakishima Islands

Also known as the Further Isles:

Islands in Seto Inland Sea

Islands in lakes

Other artificial islands

Claims but does not control

The Northern Territories

These are the four disputed Kuril Islands, also known as the Chishima Islands.[19]


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