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This is a list of many of the different language editions of Wikipedia; as of August 2012, there are 285 Wikipedias. For their number of articles, see the main list.

Wikipedia edition codes

Each Wikipedia has a code, which is used as a subdomain below Interlanguage links are sorted by that code.

The codes represent the language codes defined by ISO 639-1 and ISO 639-3, and the decision of which language code to use is usually determined by the IETF language tag policy.

One code is not a language code ('be-x-old') but refers to a specific orthography.

Some deviations include:

WP code WP edition name ISO 639 code for this language Notes
sq Albanian 'sq' is the ISO code for the Albanian macrolanguage, which includes four individual languages.
als Alemannic 'gsw' for Swiss German, Alemannic German, and Alsatian; 'gct' for Colonia Tovar dialect; 'swg' for Swabian German, and 'wae' for Walser German 'als' is actually the ISO code for Tosk Albanian.[1]
roa-rup Aromanian rup 'roa' is the ISO code for Romance (Other).
map-bms Banyumasan 'map' is the ISO code for Austronesian (Other).
nds-nl Dutch Low Saxon The Low Saxon dialects in the Netherlands have their own ISO codes. In ISO, nds is 'Low Saxon', restricted to Germany in Ethnologue.
bh Bihari ISO collective code 'bih' is a macrolanguage which includes Bhojpuri (bho), Maithili (mai), Magahi (mag) and nine others.[2] Bihari Wikipedia excludes Maithili (mai) and Fiji Hindi (hif) which exist as independent Wikipedias.
zh-yue Cantonese yue
zh-classical Classical Chinese lzh
ms Malay ISO collective code 'ms' is a macrolanguage that includes more than 30 individual languages and dialects. However, the wiki excludes Indonesian because Indonesian Wikipedia (id) exists independently.
zh-min-nan Min Nan nan
no Norwegian Bokmål nb, nob ISO uses no for Norwegian in general. (Norwegian Nynorsk is at 'nn' in both ISO and Wikipedia.)
ksh Ripuarian none ISO ksh is for the Kölsch language, the most prominent dialect of the Ripuarian language group. The other variants (e.g. the Aachen dialect) do not have ISO codes.
bat-smg Samogitian sgs 'bat' is the ISO code for Baltic (Other).
simple Simple English none
roa-tara Tarantino none 'roa' is the ISO code for Romance (Other).
fiu-vro Võro vro
cbk-zam Zamboanga Chavacano none ISO cbk is for the Chavacano language. The individual variants do not have ISO codes.


Size is given in decadic logarithm of number of articles. '6' means more than 1 000 000, '5' more than 100 000, '4' more than 10 000.

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