List of The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episodes

This is a list of Treehouse of Horror episodes from the animated television series The Simpsons. Treehouse of Horror episodes have aired every year since the second season (1990). Each episode has three separate segments. These segments usually involve the family in some horror, science fiction, or supernatural setting. They always take place outside the normal continuity of the show and are therefore considered to be non-canon.

The first "Treehouse of Horror" episode aired on October 25, 1990 and was inspired by EC Comics Horror tales.[1] Before "Treehouse of Horror XI", which aired in 2000, every episode was aired in the week preceding or on October 31; "Treehouse of Horror II" and "Treehouse of Horror X" are the only episodes to air on Halloween. However, due to Fox's current contract with Major League Baseball's World Series, every episode since has aired in November,[2] with the exception of "Treehouse of Horror XX", which aired on October 18, 2009.

From "Treehouse of Horror" to "Treehouse of Horror XIII", all three segments were written by different writers. In some cases there was a fourth writer that wrote the opening and wraparound segments.[3] For "Treehouse of Horror", there were even three different directors for the episode.[4] However, starting with season fifteen's "Treehouse of Horror XIV", only one writer was credited as having written a Treehouse of Horror episode, and the trend has continued since.[5][6][7][8]

As of 2009 there were 20 Treehouse of Horror episodes, with one airing every year. They are known for being more violent than an average Simpsons episode and contain several different trademarks, including the alien characters Kang and Kodos who have appeared in every episode. Quite often the segments will parody well-known films, books, radio shows, and television shows. The Twilight Zone has been parodied quite often and has been the inspiration for many segments.[9]


  • In the # column:
    • The first number refers to the order it aired during the entire series.
    • The second number refers to the episode number within its season: for example, 706 would be the sixth episode of the seventh season.
  • The production code refers to the code assigned to the episode by the production team. The first two characters refer to the season the episode was made for. The second season is 7Fxx, the third is 8Fxx and the fourth is 9Fxx. After that, the fifth season started with 1F and continued in order until season nine (which was 5F). Starting with season ten, the production codes started with AABF, with the first letter changing for each season (i.e. BABF, CABF, etc.) The number at the end of the code is the order in which that episode was produced during that production run.[10]
Episode Season # Prod. Code Airdate Segments Writer(s) Director(s) Ref.
I 2 16 - 203 7F04 October 25, 1990 "Bad Dream House" John Swartzwelder Wes Archer [11]
"Hungry are the Damned" Jay Kogen & Wallace Wolodarsky Rich Moore
"The Raven" Sam Simon & Edgar Allan Poe David Silverman
II 3 42 - 307 8F02 October 31, 1991 "Lisa's Nightmare" Al Jean & Mike Reiss
Jeff Martin, George Meyer
Sam Simon, John Swartzwelder
Jim Reardon [12]
"Bart's Nightmare"
"Homer's Nightmare"
III 4 64 - 405 9F04 October 29, 1992 "Clown Without Pity" Al Jean & Mike Reiss
Jay Kogen & Wallace Wolodarsky
Sam Simon, Jon Vitti
Carlos Baeza [13]
"King Homer"
"Dial Z for Zombies"
IV 5 86 - 505 1F04 October 28, 1993 "The Devil and Homer Simpson" Greg Daniels & Dan McGrath[14] David Silverman [15]
"Terror at 5½ Feet" Bill Oakley & Josh Weinstein[16]
"Bart Simpson's Dracula" Bill Canterbury[17]
V 6 109 - 606 2F03 October 30, 1994 "The Shinning" Bob Kushell[18] Jim Reardon [19]
"Time and Punishment" Greg Daniels & Dan McGrath[20]
"Nightmare Cafeteria" David S. Cohen[21]
VI 7 134 - 706 3F04 October 29, 1995 "Attack of the 50-Foot Eyesores" John Swartzwelder[22] Bob Anderson [23]
"Nightmare on Evergreen Terrace" Steve Tompkins[22]
"Homer³" David S. Cohen[24]
VII 8 154 - 801 4F02 October 27, 1996 "The Thing and I" Ken Keeler[25] Mike B. Anderson [26]
"The Genesis Tub" Dan Greaney[27]
"Citizen Kang" David S. Cohen[28]
VIII 9 182 - 904 5F02 October 26, 1997 "The HΩmega Man" Mike Scully[29] Mark Kirkland [30]
"Fly vs. Fly" David S. Cohen[31]
"Easy-Bake Coven" Ned Goldreyer[29]
IX 10 207 - 1004 AABF01 October 25, 1998 "Hell Toupée" Donick Cary[32] Steven Dean Moore [33]
"The Terror of Tiny Toon" Larry Doyle[34]
"Starship Poopers" David S. Cohen[35]
X 11 230 - 1104 BABF01 October 31, 1999 "I Know What You Diddily-Iddily-Did" Donick Cary[36] Pete Michels [37]
"Desperately Xeeking Xena" Tim Long[38]
"Life's a Glitch, Then You Die" Ron Hauge[39]
XI 12 249 - 1201 BABF21 November 1, 2000 "G-G-Ghost D-D-Dad" Rob LaZebnik
John Frink & Don Payne
Carolyn Omine
Matthew Nastuk [40]
"Scary Tales Can Come True"
"The Night of the Dolphin"
XII 13 270 - 1301 CABF19 November 6, 2001 "Hex and the City" Joel H. Cohen Jim Reardon [41]
"House of Whacks" John Frink & Don Payne
"Wiz Kids" Carolyn Omine
XIII 14 292 - 1401 DABF19 November 3, 2002 "Send in the Clones" Marc Wilmore David Silverman [42]
"The Fright to Creep and Scare Harms" Brian Kelley
"The Island of Dr. Hibbert" Kevin Curran
XIV 15 314 - 1501 EABF21 November 2, 2003 "Reaper Madness" John Swartzwelder Steven Dean Moore [43]
"Stop the World, I Want to Goof Off"
XV 16 336 - 1601 FABF23 November 7, 2004 "The Ned Zone" Bill Odenkirk David Silverman [44]
"Four Beheadings and a Funeral"
"In the Belly of the Boss"
XVI 17 360 - 1704 GABF17 November 6, 2005 "B.I.: Bartificial Intelligence" Marc Wilmore David Silverman [45]
"Survival of the Fattest"
"I've Grown a Costume on Your Face"
XVII 18 382 - 1804 HABF17 November 5, 2006 "Married To The Blob" Peter Gaffney David Silverman
Matthew Faughnan
"You Gotta Know When To Golem"
"The Day the Earth Looked Stupid"
XVIII 19 405 - 1905 JABF16 November 4, 2007 "E.T., Go Home" Marc Wilmore Chuck Sheetz [47]
"Mr. & Mrs. Simpson"
"Heck House"
XIX 20 424 - 2004 KABF16 November 2, 2008 "Untitled Robot Parody" Matt Warburton Bob Anderson [48]
"How to Get Ahead in Dead-vertising"
"It's the Grand Pumpkin, Milhouse"
XX 21 445 - 2104 LABF14 October 18, 2009 "Dial M for Murder or Press # to Return to Main Menu" Daniel Chun Mike B. Anderson
Matthew Schofield
"Don't Have a Cow, Mankind"
"There's No Business Like Moe Business"
XXI 22 468 - 2204 MABF16 November 7, 2010 "War and Pieces" Joel H. Cohen Bob Anderson [49]
"Master and Cadaver"
XXII 23 489 - 2303 NABF19 October 30, 2011 "The Diving Bell and Butterball" Carolyn Omine Matthew Faughnan [49]
"Dial D for Diddly"
"In the Na’Vi"
XXIII 24 510 - 2402 PABF17 October 7, 2012 "The Greatest Story Ever Holed" David Mandel & Brian Kelley Steven Dean Moore [49]
"UNnormal Activity"
"Bart & Homer’s Excellent Adventure"
XXIV 25 532 - 2502 RABF16 October 6, 2013 "Oh, The Places You’ll D’oh" Jeff Westbrook Rob Oliver [49]
"Dead and Shoulders"
"Freaks no Geeks"
XXV 26 556 - 2604 SABF21 October 19, 2014 "School Is Hell" Stephanie Gillis Matthew Faughnan [49]
"A Clockwork Yellow"
"The Others"
XXVI 27 579 - 2705 TABF18 October 25, 2015 "Wanted: Dead Then Alive" Joel H. Cohen Steven Dean Moore [49]


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