List of Soundgarden band members

OriginSeattle, Washington, USA
GenresAlternative metal, grunge, alternative rock, heavy metal
Years active1984–1997, 2010–present
Chris Cornell
Kim Thayil
Matt Cameron
Ben Shepherd
Past members
Hiro Yamamoto
Scott Sundquist
Jason Everman
Template:Wikidata imageSoundgarden is an American rock band. They began in Seattle, Washington in 1984. They first had three members: singer and drummer Chris Cornell, lead guitarist Kim Thayil, and bassist Hiro Yamamoto.[1]

At first, Cornell, played the drums while singing. In 1985 the band chose Scott Sundquist to be drummer, so Cornell could just be the singer.[2]

In 1986, Sundquist left the band to spend time with his wife and child.[1] He was replaced by Matt Cameron, the drummer for Skin Yard, who became Soundgarden's permanent drummer.

Yamamoto left the band in 1989, after recording the latest album. He went back to college to finish his Master's degree in physical chemistry.[3] He was replaced by former Nirvana guitarist Jason Everman. Everman was fired right after Soundgarden's tour to promote the Louder Than Love album. His only contribution for Soundgarden was the band's cover of The Beatles song "Come Together".

In 1990, the band was joined by a new bassist, Ben Shepherd. After this, Soundgarden's line-up would not change until their break-up. In 1996, the group became unhappy while recording Down on the Upside. Thayil and Cornell seemed to not agree on a change from the heavy guitar riffs that had become the band's trademark.[4] In 1997, the band broke up. They had not been getting along during the past half year.[5]

In January 2010, Cornell announced that Soundgarden would be getting back together.[6] Two years later, they released their sixth studio album, King Animal.

Band members


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bar:Yamamoto    text:Hiro Yamamoto 
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bar:Shepherd    text:Ben Shepherd
bar:Sundquist   text:Scott Sundquist
bar:Cameron     text:Matt Cameron

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bar:Cornell   from:$RU till:18/05/2017        color:Vocals
bar:Cornell   from:$RU till:18/05/2017       color:rguitar width:3
bar:Cornell   from:start till:01/01/1985 color:Drums width:3
bar:Thayil    from:start till:$BU         color:lGuitar
bar:Thayil    from:01/01/2010 till:end        color:lGuitar
bar:Yamamoto    from:start till:01/12/1989     color:Bass
bar:Everman     from:01/12/1989 till:01/06/1990    color:Bass
bar:Shepherd    from:01/06/1990 till:$BU    color:Bass
bar:Shepherd    from:$RU till:end        color:Bass
bar:Sundquist   from:01/01/1985 till:02/09/1986 color:Drums
bar:Cameron     from:02/09/1986 till:$BU color:Drums
bar:Cameron     from:$RU till:end        color:Drums




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