Lissa Explains it All

Lissa Explains it All is a website. It teaches beginners and children HTML as well as other things like JavaScript to help them make a website. It was made by Alyssa "Lissa" Daniels (born 1986) in 1998.


How Lissa Explains Began

Lissa did not plan on teaching HTML at first. She was an 11 year old girl who wanted to make a website but had problems remembering the HTML codes. She saved the codes on a webpage. Many people who saw her website asked her how she made it. Lissa gave them the address (URL) to the webpage she put the codes on. As more and more people went on the page, Lissa added more codes and information, and made the URL it became public.


A year later, so many people went on Lissa Explains that Lissa decided she needed a domain name for her website. She bought the domain name, The website name was changed to Lissa Explains it All. Soon, even more people went on Lissa Explains, and her web hosters told Lissa that she would have to buy a plan that costed $100 a month. Lissa was upset because her parents would not pay so much money for her website.

Lissa Explains was a popular website that had a lot of visitors, so Lissa filled out many forms at agencies. The agency would pay her money to put their advertisements on her website, Lissa Explains. The money she made paid for her web hosting and other services on her website. The company that hosts Lissa Explains now is Dreamhost.

Now, with even more visitors, Lissa had to change the layout and design of her website again. She got rid of a lot of the pictures on her website to save money and bandwidth space. It changed from this to this, the way it looks right now.


Lissa's website was the first website that taught children HTML. Many people know about it, and it is being copied. For example, has a URL that is almost the same as Lissa Explains, and it also has something to do with web design and HTML.


Other than teaching HTML, Lissa Explains also has other services. Lissa teaches HTML, JavaScript, CSS, how to use frames and tables, and how to make a trailing cursor.


In April 2008 the website for LissaMail expired, leading to the conclusion that this service is no longer being provided.


Lissa has postcards that users can send to their friends.

Color Tools

Lissa's Color Slider lets users choose a color in the shade they want and get the hexadecimal color code for it. She also has a color wheel for people who have Internet Explorer.

HTML Editor

Lissa's HTML Editor converts and changes formatted text into HTML codes.

Meta Tag Generator

At Lissa's Meta Tag generator, users can get the HTML code to make META tags.

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