Leandra Leal

Leandra Leal
Leandra Rodrigues Leal Braz e Silva

(1982-09-08) 8 September 1982 (age 37)
Spouse(s)José Paes de Lira (2003-2010)[1]
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Leandra Rodrigues Leal Braz e Silva (born 8 September 1982 in Rio de Janeiro) is a Brazilian actress.[2][3]


Leal is the granddaughter of the cultural producer Américo Leal and daughter of actress Ângela Leal. She started acting at the age of seven. When she was eight years old, she started on television, in the last episode of the soap opera Pantanal, in which her mother also worked. Leal is an only child. She seems to have been influenced by her mother in her career choice, because since she was a little girl she has been living among the artistic and was fascinated by the art of interpretation.[4]

In 2000, she co-starred in the miniseries A Muralha and then the sopa opera O Cravo e a Rosa. Both of these contributed to her fame. In 2002 she participated in the Pastores da Noite miniseries, and in 2003, she was present in a season of children's series Sítio do Picapau Amarelo. She also came to participate in some episodes of A Grande Família, as Viviane, one of Tuco's girlfriends.[5]

In 2004 she acted in the soap opera Senhora do Destino, getting the sympathy of the audience by clashing with the villain Nazaré, played by Renata Sorrah. Later that year, she also served in the movie Cazuza - O Tempo Não Pára, as Bebel Gilberto, singer's best friend.

In 2008 she co-starred in the remake of Ciranda de Pedra as Elzinha.[6] At the end of the year, she debuted as a director in the Mercadorias e Futuro goods and theatrical spectacle, with José Paes de Lira.[7]

In 2011, she was part of the cast of the movie Estamos Juntos,[8] and participated in the last episode of the soap opera Insensato Coração.[9] She also participated in a framework called the Fantástico, A História do Amor, in which she played 64 different characters next to the actor Daniel de Oliveira.[10][11]

In 2012, Leal was in the episode "A Sexóloga de Floripa" in series As Brasileiras.[12] And the soap opera is Cheias de Charme, playing Maria do Rosário.[13]


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