Kung Fu Panda 2

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Kung Fu Panda 2 is a 2011 3D American computer-animated action comedy movie and the 2nd installment in the series. A successful sequel to Kung Fu Panda, Jack Black is back voicing Po again. In the movie Po is now the Dragon Warrior, and is fighting with his fellow kung fu masters, the Furious Five: Tigress, Viper, Monkey, Mantis, and Crane. They go on a quest in Gong-men City to banish Lord Shen, an evil albino peacock from using a weapon to destroy kung fu. The film is directed by Jennifer Yuh Nelson, who previously worked as a storyboard artist in Kung Fu Panda 1. It received critical acclaim and is the highest-grossing movie to be directed by a woman.

Release Dates

Country Premiere
23x15px Kazakhstan 25 May 2011
23x15px Philippines 25 May 2011
23x15px Canada 26 May 2011
23x15px India 26 May 2011
23x15px South Korea 26 May 2011
23x15px Malaysia 26 May 2011
23x15px Russia 26 May 2011
23x15px Singapore 26 May 2011
23x15px Thailand 26 May 2011
23x15px Ukraine 26 May 2011
23x15px United States 26 May 2011
23x15px Poland 27 May 2011
23x15px Taiwan 27 May 2011
23x15px China 28 May 2011
23x15px Egypt 1 June 2011
23x15px Iceland 1 June 2011
23x15px Vietnam 1 June 2011
23x15px United Arab Emirates 2 June 2011
23x15px Belarus 2 June 2011
23x15px Czech Republic 2 June 2011
23x15px Greece 2 June 2011
23x15px Croatia 2 June 2011
23x15px Hungary 2 June 2011
23x15px Israel 2 June 2011
23x15px Kuwait 2 June 2011
23x15px Lebanon 2 June 2011
23x15px Serbia 2 June 2011
23x15px Slovakia 2 June 2011
23x15px Bulgaria 3 June 2011
23x15px Cyprus 3 June 2011
23x15px Lithuania 3 June 2011
23x15px Latvia 3 June 2011
23x15px Pakistan 3 June 2011
23x15px Armenia 5 June 2011
23x15px Argentina 9 June 2011
23x15px Bolivia 9 June 2011
23x15px Chile 9 June 2011
23x15px Peru 9 June 2011
23x15px Portugal 9 June 2011
23x15px Slovenia 9 June 2011
23x15px Brazil 10 June 2011
23x15px Colombia 10 June 2011
23x15px Ecuador 10 June 2011
23x15px Finland 10 June 2011
23x15px United Kingdom 10 June 2011
Irelandborder|20px|class=noviewer|baseline|Flagge Ireland Ireland 10 June 2011
Mexicoborder|20px|class=noviewer|baseline|Flagge Mexico Mexico 10 June 2011
23x15px Panama 10 June 2011
23x15px Paraguay 10 June 2011
23x15px Romania 10 June 2011
23x15px Turkey 10 June 2011
23x15px Uruguay 10 June 2011
23x15px Venezuela 10 June 2011
23x15px South Africa 10 June 2011
23x15px Belgium 15 June 2011
23x16px  Switzerland 15 June 2011 (French speaking region)
23x15px France 15 June 2011
23x15px Netherlands 15 June 2011
23x16px  Switzerland 16 June 2011 (German speaking region)
23x15px Germany 16 June 2011
23x15px Denmark 16 June 2011
23x15px Austria 17 June 2011
23x15px Spain 17 June 2011
23x15px Ghana 17 June 2011
23x15px Kenya 17 June 2011
23x15px Nigeria 17 June 2011
23x15px Norway 17 June 2011
23x15px Australia 23 June 2011
23x15px New Zealand 7 July 2011
23x15px Hong Kong 21 July 2011
Cambodiaborder|20px|class=noviewer|baseline|Flagge Cambodia Cambodia 21 July 2011
23x15px Indonesia 16 August 2011
23x15px Japan 19 August 2011
23x16px  Switzerland 24 August 2011 (Italian speaking region)
23x15px Italy 24 August 2011


Po (voiced by Jack Black) is now the Dragon Warrior and a Kung Fu master protecting the Valley of Peace together with his friends, the Furious Five, but must now find inner peace. Master Shifu (voiced by Dustin Hoffman) then sends him on a journey with the Furious Five to Gongmen City and stop Lord Shen (voiced by Gary Oldman), an evil albino peacock who has made a new weapon that can stop Kung Fu. Po has trouble on his journey because he's worried about what happened to his real parents. An old soothsayer (voiced by Michelle Yeoh) helps Po remember that his parents sent Po away as a baby to protect him when their village was attacked by Lord Shen many years ago because Shen learned he would be defeated by Po, the foretold warrior of black and white. Now knowing where he came from, Po finds inner peace, destroys Shen's cannons by throwing the cannonballs back at them, defeats Shen (who also gets killed and crushed by his own cannon), and accepts Mr. Ping (voiced by James Hong) as his dad.


Old characters

New characters


Critical Response

Kung Fu Panda 2 was acclaimed by critics. It holds a rating of 85% in Rotten Tomatoes and a rating of 7 out of 10. The consensus is "the story arc may seen a tad familiar to fans of the original, but Kung Fu Panda 2 offers enough action, comedy and visual sparkle to compensate". Just like in the original film, the animation, voice acting and character development were praised.

Box Office

The film became a box office success. It grossed $667,692,281 on a $150 million budget. It is the highest grossing animated film of 2011, the 9th highest grossing animated film ever released, the 53rd highest-grossing film of all time and the 6th highest grossing film of 2011. It is also the highest grossing animated film directed by a woman (Jennifer Yuh Nelson).

Awards and nominations

Award Category Winner/Nominee Result
84th Academy Awards Best Animated Feature Jennifer Yuh Nelson Nominated
Alliance of Women Film Journalists Best Animated Feature
Best Animated Female Angelina Jolie
Best Woman Director Jennifer Yuh Nelson
Annie Awards Best Animated Feature
Animated Effects in an Animated Production Dave Tidgwell
Jason Mayer
Character Animation in a Feature Production Dan Wagner
Pierre Perifel
Directing in a Feature Production Jennifer Yuh Nelson Won
Production Design in a Feature Production Raymond Zilbac
Storyboarding in a Feature Production Gary Graham
Philip Craven
Voice Acting in a Feature Production Gary Oldman
Voice Acting in a Feature Production James Hong Nominated
Editing in a Feature Production Clare Knight
Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards Best Animated Feature
Online Film Critics Society Best Animated Feature
Producers Guild of America Awards Best Animated Theatrical Motion Pictures Melissa Cobb
2011 Teen Choice Awards Choice Movie Animated Voice Jack Black
Virgin Movie Media Awards Best Family Movie Of The Year
Women Film Critics Circle Best Animated Females
2012 People's Choice Awards Favorite Movie Animated Voice Jack Black
Denver Film Critics Society Best Animated Film
Satellite Awards Motion Picture, Animated or Mixed Media
Houston Film Critics Society Best Animated Film
St. Louis Gateway Film Critics Association Awards Best Animated Film
Visual Effects Society Awards Outstanding Visual Effects in an Animated Feature Motion Picture
San Diego Film Critics Society Awards Best Animated Film
Evening Standard British Film Awards Blockbuster of the Year
Kids' Choice Awards Favorite Animated Movie
Favorite Voice from an Animated Movie Jack Black
World Soundtrack Awards Film Composer of the Year Hans Zimmer
World Soundtrack Awards Film Composer of the Year John Powell
Saturn Awards Best Animated Movie
As Seen By Awards Best Performance by an Actress in a Voice-Over Role Angelina Jolie Won
Motion Picture Sound Editors Best Sound Editing - Sound Effects, Foley, Dialogue and ADR in an Animation Feature Film John Marquis Won


Template:Infobox album Kung Fu Panda 2 is the soundtrack of the film of the same, scored by Hans Zimmer and John Powell and released in May 24, 2011. Just like the movie, the soundtrack received positive reviews from music critics.

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. "Ancient China / Story of Shen"   2:43
2. "Dumpling Warrior"   1:20
3. "Inner Peace"   2:25
4. "Musicians Village"   1:20
5. "Save Kung Fu"   3:41
6. "Daddy Issues"   4:22
7. "Stealth Mode"   4:04
8. "Gongmen Jail"   2:40
9. "Rickshaw Chase"   2:36
10. "Po and Shen / Face to Face"   5:58
11. "More Cannons!"   3:00
12. "Fireworks Factory"   6:48
13. "Po Finds the Truth"   5:03
14. "Invasion Begins"   2:37
15. "Zen Ball Master"   7:21
16. "My Fist Hungers for Justice"   4:55
17. "Dumpling Warrior Remix"   3:30


After the success of Kung Fu Panda 2, DreamWorks Animation confirmed that there will be 6 movies in the franchise. Kung Fu Panda 3 is confirmed to be released in 2016, with Jennifer Yuh Nelson returning to direct and Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger returning to write the script. The original cast will return in the movie, and Kung Fu Panda 3 will be the first American animated movie to ever be co-produced by a Chinese firm.