Kawasaki Frontale

Kawasaki Frontale
Full nameKawasaki Frontale
GroundTodoroki Athletics Stadium
Ground Capacity25,000
ChairmanShimpei Takeda
ManagerTakashi Sekizuka
LeagueJ. League 1
2009J. League 1, 2nd

Kawasaki Frontale (川崎フロンターレ, Kawasaki Furontāre) is a Japanese professional football club[1] in Kawasaki, which is south of Tokyo in Kanagawa Prefecture.[2]

In 2012, Yahiro Kazama was named coach.[3]


The club was founded in 1955.[2]

  • 1955-1995 Fujitsu S.C.
  • 1996 Fujitsu Kawasaki S.C.
  • 1997-present Kawasaki Frontale

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Notable achievement

The team has some notable achievements.

In 2010, Juninho (Carlos Alberto Carvalho dos Anjos Junior) made three goals in one game against Shonan Bellmare; and Jumpei Kusukami scored three times in a game against Gamba Osaka.[4]

In 2009, Renatinho (Renato Carlos Martins Júnior) kicked three goals in a game against JEF United Ichihara Chiba.[4]

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