Iron(III) nitrate

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Iron(III) nitrate

Iron(III) nitrate, also known as ferric nitrate, is a chemical compound. Its chemical formula is Fe(NO3)3. It contains iron in its +3 oxidation state. It also contains nitrate ions.


Iron(III) nitrate is a light purple solid. It dissolves easily in water. It is an oxidizing agent. It is acidic. It absorbs water easily to make a hydrate (chemical with water molecules attached to it).


It is made by reacting iron or iron(III) oxide with nitric acid. The reaction of iron with nitric acid makes nitrogen dioxide. Nitrogen dioxide is toxic and brown.


It is used to etch silver alloys. It is also used to make sodium amide. It acts as a catalyst in this reaction.

It can be mixed with clay to make an oxidant clay. This oxidant clay can be used to make organic molecules.


Iron(III) nitrate is oxidizing, so it can catch things on fire. It is also corrosive to metal and can burn skin.

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