Hoja santa

Hoja santa
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Scientific classification
Binomial name
Piper auritum

Piper sanctum[1]

Hoja santa (Piper auritum) is a good-smelling herb with a heart-shaped velvety leaf. The name hoja santa means "sacred leaf" in Spanish language. It is also known as yerba santa,[2][3] hierba santa,[2] Mexican pepperleaf,[3] root beer plant,[4] and sacred pepper.[1]


The difficult taste of Hoja santa is not easy to describe. It has been compared to eucalyptus,[5][6] licorice,[4][7] sassafras,[2] anise,[3][8] nutmeg,[3] mint,[9] tarragon,[5] and black pepper.[3] The flavor is stronger in the young stems and veins.


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