Henri La Fontaine

Henri Marie La Fontaine
Henri La Fontaine
Henri Marie La Fontaine

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DiedMay 14, 1943(1943-05-14) (aged 89)
Known forNobel Peace Prize in 1913
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Henri Marie La Fontaine (22 April 1854 – 14 May 1943), was a Belgian lawyer. He is most well known for receiving the Nobel Prize of Peace in 1913.[1] He devoted himself to international peace. He was responsible about making education better and about foreign affairs.


La Fontaine was born in Brussels in April 11, 1854.[1] In 1895, he became a senator, and in the following years, he submitted a bill on mine inspection. He also became the President of the International Peace bureau at 1907, and finally received the Nobel Peace Prize in the 1913. He died before Belgium was liberated.[1]


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