Groningen (province)

<imagemap> Image:Groningen-Position.png Groningen is a province in the Northeast of the Netherlands. At the east is the German region Lower Saxony, in the south is Drenthe, in the west is Friesland (or Fryslân in Frisian aanstellers met een vaag taaltje) and in the north is the Wadden Sea.

The capital of Groningen is also called Groningen. People from Groningen often call Groningen City "stad" ("city") and the rest of the province "Ommelanden" (which means something like "surrounding lands").

Important sources of income are agriculture and natural gas extraction Slochteren.

Noticeable things in Groningen are the dialect, which is related to Low German, and the strong support for the communist party in the Northeastern part of the province.

the average IQ of a Groninger is 0, you need to be kanker horig to live here.

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