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Current statusActive

Google+ is a social networking website run by Google. Google+ was opened to people with an invitation on June 28, 2011 for testing.[1] The next day, people with accounts were allowed to invite friends to the service. This was stopped within a day after there was "insane demand" for accounts.[2]

Google+ is made to work with different Google social services such as Google Profiles and Google Buzz. It also has features including Circles, Hangouts, Sparks and Huddles.[3] It has been said that this is Google's biggest attempt to rival the social network Facebook.[4]

On October 8, 2018, Google said that they plan to shut down Google+ in 2019. This is because a software bug in Google+ let people see the data of hundreds of thousands of users.[5][6]


On 14 July 2011, Google said that Google+ had 10 million users two weeks after it was opened to people with invitations.[7] After three weeks, Google+ had 20 million users.[8] The Google+ iPhone app was the most popular free application in the Apple App Store less than a day after it was added to the store.[9]


  • "Circles" lets users to organize contacts into groups for sharing.[10]
  • "Messaging" lets people communicate with their circles using Android, iPhone, and SMS devices.[10]
  • "Hangouts" are places used to have a group video chat within a circle.[10]
  • "Instant Upload" lets people with Android mobile devices upload and store photos or video in a private album for sharing later.[10]
  • "Sparks" uses Google Search to let users find topics they might like to share with others.[10]
  • "Streams" lets users see updates from those in their circles. This is similar to Facebook's news feed.[10]
  • "Ripples" is a visualization tool that allows users to play back public shares and conversations.[11]


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