Find a Grave

Find A Grave
Type of siteOnline database
Available language(s)English
OwnerJim Tipton
Launched1998 (1998)
Alexa rank3,680 (July 2013)[1]
Current statusActive

Find A Grave is a website that has a database of cemetery records.


It was started by Jim Tipton,[2] in 1995 to help people who wanted to visit the graves of famous people. After some time, an online forum was created on the site.[3] The site claims to have over 121 million burial records from all over the world.[4]

Content and features

The site's FAQ says they hope to list all the burial places of everyone in the world.[5]

The website has lists of cemeteries and graves from all around the world. The American cemeteries are organized by state and county, and many records contain Google Maps and photographs of the cemeteries. Each grave record can contain: dates and places of birth and death, information about the person, cemetery and plot information, photographs (grave marker, the person, etc.), and information about who added it to Find A Grave.

Members can place on-line memorials for family and friends for no cost. Users can edit the memorials. Members may also request photos of graves which Find A Grave volunteers can add.


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