Debito Arudou

Debito Arudou
Debito Arudou in 2014
David Christopher Schofill

(1965-01-13) January 13, 1965 (age 55)
California, United States
Other namesDavid Christopher Aldwinckle, Sugawara Arudōdebito, Debito Beamer
Alma mater
Known forHuman rights activism
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Debito Arudou was born 13 January 1965 as David Christopher Schofill.[1] He became a naturalized Japanese citizen in 2000. He lived in Japan until 2011, after which he emigrated to Hawaii, where he still lives. He is a social activist who tries to change the situation of non-Japanese people in Japan.[2] Opinions about him are mixed.[3]  


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