Death metal

Death metal
Stylistic originsThrash metal, first wave black metal, hardcore punk
Cultural originsMid 1980s, United States (particularly Florida)
Typical instrumentsVocals, electric guitar, bass, drums,
Mainstream popularityWorldwide
Melodic death metal, technical death metal
Fusion genres
Deathcore - blackened death metal - Death-doom - deathgrind - death 'n' roll
Regional scenes
Florida, New York, Sweden, United Kingdom, Brazil, Netherlands, Japan, Poland

Death metal is a style of heavy metal that is a very fast, brutal and energetic. It has very harsh singing. Most death metal has very fast guitar and drum beats. Almost every death metal drummer plays with two bass drums (or a type of pedal that has two beaters on one bass drum), so that they can play the bass drum beats faster. It is a music focused mainly on drums and guitars. The lyrics in death metal sometimes involve topics such as death, war and pain. Some bands choose to write about philosophy or religion. Some bands try to write about things that other death metal bands do not write about such as ancient history. Death metal vocalists usually grunt, growl or scream.

Some artists and groups of this genre are:

Other types of death metal

  • Melodic death metal, sometimes called melodeath – is slower and features screams instead of growls. It also has much more melody and clean vocals can even sometimes be heard.
File:Death Mexico 06-89.jpg
Death released many technical death metal albums later in their career.
  • Technical death metal, or progressive death metal – is a much more complex type of death metal. These songs usually are longer and have unique song structures. These bands pretty much combine progressive rock and jazz with death metal.
  • Death-doom – combines the dark atmosphere and slow tempos with growling vocals and double-kick drumming.
  • Goregrind, deathgrind and pornogrind[1] – mixes the intensity of Grindcore with the complexity of death metal. Guitar solos are usually rare, and vocalists usually scream instead of growl. Also, the songs are usually shorter.
  • Blackened death metal – is a style that combines death metal with black metal.[2][3]


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