Connecticut River

File:Connecticut River Map.png
Map of the Connecticut River watershed.

The Connecticut River is the largest river in New England, which is a region in the eastern United States. It is about 407 miles (655 km) long, with a watershed covering about 11,250 square miles (29,137 square kilometers). Every second, it pours about 19,600 cubic feet (560 cubic meters) per second into its mouth at Long Island Sound, part of the Atlantic Ocean. The river flows through the U.S. states of New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Interstate 91 parallels the river for a notably long distance.

The largest city on the Connecticut River is Springfield, Massachusetts. The second largest city is Hartford, Connecticut, the state capital of Connecticut. The two great cities are only 23.9 miles apart (38.5 km.)


The Connecticut River near its source
File:Connecticut River bridge.jpg
A bridge over the river.

CT denotes Connecticut, VT Vermont, NH New Hampshire, and MA Massachusetts.

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