Cartoon Network

This article is about the American television channel. For international versions, see Cartoon Network (international).
Cartoon Network
Launched October 1, 1992
Owned by Turner Broadcasting, Time Warner
Country United States
Sister channel(s) Boomerang, Adult Swim Cartoon Network HD CNN TNT
Website Official Site

Cartoon Network is an American television channel. It broadcasts television programs that are suitable for young children. Most of the shows are animated cartoon series, but some live-action shows are also broadcast. However, at night Cartoon Network switches to Adult Swim which broadcasts programs for teens instead.

Cartoon Network first launched in October 1, 1992 through cable and satellite television in the United States by Turner Broadcasting System (or TBS for short). In the early years, many of the shows featured on the channel were classic cartoons and Hanna-Barbera shows. TBS later launched Cartoon Network Studios to make flagship original shows specifically for Cartoon Network.

After successfully launching the channel in the United States, TBS decided to launch the channel in other countries. The Cartoon Network channels in other countries distributes Cartoon Network's original shows in different languages.

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