British Rail Class 205

British Rail Class 205
Class 205, no. 205009 at London Victoria station
on 15 August 2003
In service1957–2004
ManufacturerBR Eastleigh
Number built34 trainsets
Formation2/3 cars per trainset
Operator(s)British Rail
Maximum speed75mph (121 km/h)
Prime mover(s)English Electric 4-cylinder type 4SRKT Mark II of 600 bhp (450 kW) at 850 rpm
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The British Rail Class 205 (or 3H) diesel-electric multiple units were built by BR at Eastleigh railway works from 1957–1962.


Due to a generous disposal policy by Porterbrook Leasing, nearly all of the final units in service were preserved. The only unit not preserved was no. 205012, which had poor bodywork and donated its engine to the only surviving unrefurbished Class 207 unit.


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