British Rail Class 172

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The Class 172 is a diesel multiple unit (DMU) of the Turbostar family similar to the Class 168, Class 170 and Class 171.


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British Rail Class 172 Turbostar</th></tr>
The interior of a West Midlands Trains Class 172
In service</th>10 July 2010 - Present
Manufacturer</th>Bombardier Transportation
Family name</th>Turbostar
Constructed</th>2010 - 2011
Number built</th>39 trainsets
Formation</th>2 or 3 cars per trainset
Capacity</th>172/0: 120 seats
172/1: ? seats
172/2: 116 seats
172/3: 188 seats
Operator(s)</th>London Overground
Chiltern Railways
West Midlands Trains
Line(s) served</th>Snow Hill Lines
Chiltern Main Line
Gospel Oak to Barking Line
Car body construction</th>Welded aluminium. Steel ends.
Car length</th>23.62 m (77 ft 6 in)
Width</th>2.69 m (8 ft 10 in)
Height</th>3.77 m (12 ft 4 in)
Maximum speed</th>100 mph (160 km/h)
Weight</th>41.6 tonnes (40.9 long tons; 45.9 short tons)[1]
Prime mover(s)</th>One per car, MTU 6H1800R83
Power output</th>483 hp (360 kW)[2]
Transmission</th>ZF Ecomat-Rail 6 speed
ZF Reversing final drive
Safety system(s)</th>AWS, TPWS
ATP (172/1 only)
Track gauge</th>Template:Track gauge

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