British Rail Class 166

British Rail Class 166 "Network Express Turbo"
Class 166, no. 166202, at Evesham on 19 September 2004, with a service to London Paddington via the Cotswold Line.
In service1992 - Present
Family nameNetworker
Number built21 trainsets
Formation3 cars per trainset
Fleet numbers166201 - 166221
Operator(s)First Great Western
Maximum speed90mph
Prime mover(s)Perkins 2006TWH
Safety system(s)AWS, TPWS
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The British Rail Class 166 "Network Express Turbo" diesel multiple units (also known as just "Thames Turbos" [1] ) were built by ABB at York Works from 1992-93. These units are the express version of the Class 165 "Network Turbo" units. They have a top speed of 90mph (suitable for mainline use), are carpeted throughout and have air-conditioning (the 165s lack the latter two features and it should be noted the 166 is similar to the Class 158 in terms of what it offers).


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