British Rail Class 159

British Rail Class 159
"South Western Turbo"
Unrefurbished Class 159018 arrives at Axminster
In service1992 - present
Family nameSprinter
Constructed1989 - 1993
Refurbishment2000-2001, 2007-2008 (159/0)
Number built22 (159/0)
8 (159/1)
Number in service30
Formation3 cars per trainset
Fleet numbers159001 - 159022, 159101 - 159108
Operator(s)South West Trains
Line(s) servedWest of England main line
Car length22.5 metres
Width2.7 metres
Maximum speed90mph
Weight37.8 tonnes
Traction systemVoith Hydraulic
Prime mover(s)Cummins 400hp (159/0)
Cummins 350hp (159/1)
Safety system(s)AWS, TPWS
Track gauge1435 mm (4 ft 8½ in)
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File:Class 159 First Class Seating.jpg
South West Trains Class 159 First Class Seating with newly added PIS

The British Rail Class 159, known as "South Western Turbo" by Network SouthEast (but in reality a member of the Sprinter family), is a diesel multiple unit, built from 1989-93 by BREL at Derby Works.