Fea's viper
File:Azemiops feae.jpg
Scientific classification
Liem, Marx & Rabb, 1971
Boulenger, 1888
Binomial name
Azemiops feae

Azemiopinae, commonly known as the "Fea's vipers", is a monotypic subfamily made for a monotypic genus, Azemiops, which contains the venomous viper, Azemiops Feae.[3] It is found on the mountains of Southeast Asia.


The Feas's vipers can grow up to the length of 77 cm. They are blueish-gray or black in color with orange crossbands, the head is orange while the chin and throat is yellow, it also has yellow eyes.

Where they live

The Fea's viper is found in northern Vietnam, southern China, south-east Myanmar, and south-east Tibet. In China the Fea's viper is found in Fujien, Guangxi, Jiangxi, Kweichow, Sichuan, Yunnan, Zhejiang.


The Fea's viper is found on mountains which have an altitude of 1000 meters. It prefers to live in cool climates which have an average temperature of 18-25 °C. In Vietnam it is found in bamboo forests.


The Fea's viper is said to be nocturnal, but some people say that it crepuscular, they hibernates in the winter. When disturbed, the Fea's viper flattens its body to make it look wider, and opens its mouth widely to show its fangs, giving its head a triangular shape. It sometimes also vibrates it tail. Fea's vipers are said to eat small mammals.


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