Template:Infobox album Anthology was a greatest hits album by Selena. The album included remixed songs from Selena's early music career. Two EPs were released as a promotion. The album sold over 1,200,000 copies.

Track listing

  1. Always Mine
  2. No Quiero Saber
  3. Don't Throw Away My Love
  4. La Bamba
  5. I'm Getting Used To You (club remix)
  6. Yo Fui Aquella
  7. Captive Heart
  8. Amame
  9. Missing My Baby
  10. Disco Medley (Full; Club Remix)


  1. Ramalazo
  2. Dame Tu Amor
  3. Pa'Que Me Sirve La Vida
  4. Differentes
  5. Siempre Hace Frio
  6. Que Creias
  7. Quiero Estar Contigo
  8. Rama Caida
  9. Sabes
  10. Tu Solo Tu


  1. Yo Te Dare
  2. La Puerta Se Cerro
  3. Corazoncito
  4. Enamorada de Ti
  5. No Debes Jugar
  6. Carino Mio
  7. Salta La Ranita
  8. Te Amo Solo A Ti
  9. La Llamada
  10. Baila Esta Cumbia

Promotional singles

Two EPs were released. Both of them contained five songs each.

Critical reception

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Sales and certifications

Notes^ Note that RIAA has launched its Oro y De Platino certification scheme for those albums the 50% of the content of which are in Spanish, initially, the award-levels for Oro y De Platino were: Gold=100,000 and Platinum=200,000.[1] In February 2008, RIAA reduced the certification-award-levels for Oro y De Platino to Gold=50,000 and Platinum=100,000.[2]

Country Certification Sales
USA 6x Platinum (Certification type: Latin)[3] 1,200,000+


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