Alice DeeJay

Alice DeeJay
OriginAmsterdam, Netherlands
GenresTrance, Eurodance
Years active1999–2002
LabelsRepublic/Universal (US)
Armada Music
Past members
Sebastiaan Molijn
Eelke Kalberg
DJ Jurgen
Judith Anna Pronk
Marc Lee-Smith
Mila Levesque
Angelique Versnel
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Alice DeeJay was a Dutch electronic music group, who achieved success from 1999 to 2002. The group consisted of record producers Pronti (born Sebastiaan Molijn), Kalmani (born Eelke Kalberg) and DJ Jurgen, with lead singer Judith Anna Pronk. The groups best known song is "Better Off Alone" from their 2000 album, Who Needs Guitars Anyway?.

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