Alberto Fujimori

Alberto Fujimori (born July 28, 1938) was the President of Peru from 1990-2000.

He is still remembered in Peru for defeating Shining Path, the peace with Ecuador and recovering the economy after the presidency of Alan García.

In 2001, Fujimori's head of intelligence, Vladimiro Montesinos, was accused of doing illegal things. People thought that Fujimori was also involved.

After that, Fujimori went to Japan, because he has Japanese ancestors, thus is a citizen there. Japan protected him from Peruvian law since they do not find any valid accusation. Fujimori resigned the Presidency of Peru. Valentín Paniagua was elected president by the Congress soon after Fujimori resigned.

In 2005 Fujimori was detained in Chile. After his extradition in 2007 the Peruvian government put him on trial and convicted him. He was sentenced to several years in prison. On 24 December 2017, President Kuczynski pardoned him on health grounds[1] but in 2019 he was put back in prison.


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