Air New Zealand Flight 901

Air New Zealand Flight 901
Most of the wreckage of Flight 901 remains on the slopes of Mount Erebus. This photo, taken on the 25th anniversary in 2004, shows part of the DC-10's upper fuselage skin with entry door and cabin windows. Part of the opposite side skin, with door missing, is still attached (top left).
Accident summary
Date28 November 1979 (1979-11-28)
SummaryControlled flight into terrain
PlaceMount Erebus
Ross Island, Antarctica
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Fatalities257 (all)
Aircraft typeMcDonnell Douglas DC-10-30
Airline/userAir New Zealand
Flew fromAuckland International Airport
StopoverChristchurch International Airport
Flying toAuckland International Airport

Air New Zealand Flight 901 was a flight that operated from 1977 to 1979. The flight did not stop in Antarctica. It was a sightseeing flight to Antarctica. It was supposed to loop between Auckland, New Zealand, and Antarctica.

The flight's route had been changed without the crew's knowledge shortly before the plane took off. Because the weather conditions of the Antarctic were so bad (severely limiting visibility), and the crew believed they were following the original flight plan-the plane crashed straight into Mount Erebus. None of the 257 people on board the plane survived the crash. The original investigation showed it was the pilot's fault, but people protested and it led to an inquiry into the crash. The conclusion was the accident was caused by a correction made to the route the night before the disaster, and they failed to inform pilot Captain Jim Collins and co-pilot Greg Cassin.

Country Passengers Crew Total
23x15px New Zealand 180 20 200
23x15px Japan 24 0 24
23x15px United States 22 0 22
23x15px United Kingdom 6 0 6
23x15px India 2 0 2
23x15px Canada 2 0 2
23x15px Mexico 1 0 1
23x15px Australia 1 0 1
23x15px Russia 1 0 1
23x15px Brazil 1 0 1
23x15px China 1 0 1
23x15px Belgium 1 0 1
23x15px France 1 0 1
23x15px Germany 1 0 1
23x15px Italy 1 0 1
17px Switzerland 1 0 1
Total 237 20 257