Ahmed Ghanem

Ahmed Ghanem is a writer and lawyer.

He studied law, Egyptology, and the Italian language.

Egypt in the eyes of the world

The project Egypt in the eyes of the world is cultural project non-profit, it was founded by Ahmed Ghanem in Egypt, The project is considered one of the early initiatives of individual non-profit in Egypt .

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It is an initiative aimed at emphasizing the importance of cultural and cultural exchange between different cultures and Egypt , based on the fact that Egypt is a multi-cultural country and also the importance of positive cultural exchange is an important axis in the relations between peoples, especially that Egypt and Egyptian society may have an important role in The positive cultural not just at the regional level, but at the international level, because Egypt is a cosmopolitan and multicultural country with an important central role in the region.

Nature of the project

How should be the cultural image of Egypt in the region, as a Mediterranean country, an African state and as an important pivotal state in the Arabworld.

Target audience.

The message of the project, and as is clear from the name of the project, is a message to the world about the culture of Egypt, it is a message to the various countries of the world, that are interested in Egyptian culture, Specially countries which is geographically far from Egypt, Because it is logical that States are far from Egypt do not know a lot about Egyptian culture, they are more entitled to know more about Egyptian culture .

Languages of the project

the projegt started in French and Italian, but later, it was important to add other languages such as English and Spanish .

A brief history of the project

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Seminar at the Ministry of Tourism in Egypt Entitled Egypt in the eyes of the Lebanon,it was attended by The Lebanese Ambassador in Egypt, Mrs. ambassador's wife, an elite of the Egyptian Tourism Ministry officials, and Lebanese star Madeleine Tabar and Ahmed Ghanem, General Coordinator of the project .

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Seminar at the magazine Rose El Youssef, at the invitation of the editor in chief of the magazine, who called the general coordinator of the project Ahmed Ghanem for a symposium at the headquarters of the magazine to To explain the his project and to publicize his project, The seminar was attended by Mr. Chairman of General Authority for Cultural Palaces Who attended the seminar at the invitation of the coordinator Of the project Mr .Ahmed Ghanem .

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