A Dangerous Path (Warriors)

A Dangerous Path is the fifth book in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. This book, and some following books in this series, takes place in the New Forest, in Great Britain. However some mountains have been added as the real New Forest has no mountains around it.


Fireheart continues to struggle to care for ThunderClan, one of the warrior Clans in the forest, as Tigerstar tries to destroy ThunderClan. Bluestar is no help at all, because she is still insane from Tigerstar's previous betrayal. Tigerstar has plans of his own; this time to use a pack of dogs. He hunts rabbits in ThunderClan territory, and leaves a trail from Snakerocks to the ThunderClan camp, with Brindleface at the end. Once Fireheart discovers this, he takes ThunderClan to Sunningrocks. A patrol of fast warriors lead the dogs to their deaths in the gorge (a hole that extends wide, with water at the bottom). Fireheart is the last in line, and has a good lead until Tigerstar leaps out of nowhere and holds Fireheart down, letting the dogs get very close, before letting him go. Fireheart gets trapped in the lead dog's mouth, but is rescued by Bluestar. She bowls over the lead dog, who in turn releases Fireheart, and the two go down into the gorge. Fireheart saves Bluestar and brings her to the shore, where she eventually dies. Fireheart is filled with sadness for his leader.[1][2][3]


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