A. Q. Khan

Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan
HI, NI & BAR (twice)
Born (1936-04-01) April 1, 1936 (age 84)
Alma materCatholic University of Leuven
Delft University of Technology
Known forPakistani Nuclear Program
AwardsHilal-i-Imtiaz (14-8-1989)
Nishan-i-Imtiaz (14-8-1996 and 23-3-1999)
Scientific career
InstitutionsKhan Research Laboratories
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Abdul Qadeer Khan (Lua error in package.lua at line 80: module 'Module:Language/data/iana scripts' not found.; born April 1, 1936 in Bhopal) is a Pakistani scientist and metallurgical engineer. He is a controversial figure. He is thought by many people to be one of the pioneers of Pakistan's nuclear program. Others disagree and claim he is only an opportunist who abused his position to obtain personal benefits and make a lot of money[source?]. His middle name is occasionally spelt Quadeer, Qadir or Gadeer. His given names are usually abbreviated to A.Q..

Khan claims he has Pashtun ancestry[source?]. However, his ancestors supposedly immigrated to India, during the reign of Afghan Emperor Shahabuddin Ghouri[source?] from the district of Ghour of present Afghanistan[source?]. He was born in Bhopal State in British India in 1936[source?]. His father Abdul Ghafoor Khan served in the Education Department, British India[source?], and after retirement, settled in Bhopal[source?].

He remained under arrest in Pakistan for quite some time, for Nuclear proliferation to the evil North Korean government[source?] and also to Iran[source?].


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