2010 US Open – Wheelchair Quad Doubles

2010 US Open
Champions   USAborder|20px|class=noviewer|baseline|Flagge USA Nick Taylor
USAborder|20px|class=noviewer|baseline|Flagge USA David Wagner
Runners-up   SWEborder|20px|class=noviewer|baseline|Flagge SWE Johan Andersson
GBRborder|20px|class=noviewer|baseline|Flagge GBR Peter Norfolk
Final score   7–5, 7–6(4)
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Nick Taylor and David Wagner defended their 2009 title, after they won 7–5, 7–6(4), against Johan Andersson and Peter Norfolk in the final.

Main draw




<td colspan="2" style="border:1px solid #aaa;" bgcolor=#f9f9f9>  USAborder|20px|class=noviewer|baseline|Flagge USA Nick Taylor
 USAborder|20px|class=noviewer|baseline|Flagge USA David Wagner

7 7  

<td rowspan="2" colspan="2" style="border:1px solid #aaa;" bgcolor=#f9f9f9>  SWEborder|20px|class=noviewer|baseline|Flagge SWE Johan Andersson
 GBRborder|20px|class=noviewer|baseline|Flagge GBR Peter Norfolk</td>

5 64  

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