Ángel Maria Herrera

Ángel Maria Herrera
BornDecember 3, 1859
DiedMay 2, 1948
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Ángel Maria Herrera (born December 3, 1859 - May 2, 1948), was an Panamanian educator. Received her teaching degree in 1884 at the École Normale de Institutores and that same year was appointed Académico de the Boys' School of Saints, and a year later was reappointed Chief Academic School for Boys of St. Anne in Panama. He was the son of Don Braulio Herrera and Doña Luisa Tuñón. Herrera was named Preceptor in Penonome. A year later it was 1897 he was Director of the School of the College of the Isthmus. For several years he was inspector of public instruction in the province of Colon and Cocle province. In the District of Penonomé school there with your name. A few years ago the school suffered a serious fire in which spent $ 40,000 in losses..[1]

File:Escuela Secundaria Angel Maria Herrera.jpg
School 'Angel Maria Herrera ", in the District of Penonomé, Cocle province