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Welcome to ard Wiki (2020)

UTC / GMT-0 time:

ard Wiki is a wiki instance full of tutorials and information about, ard Search, Fancy Digital Pen and other related sites. It contains help sites and information on how to use our websites, applications, hosted services. All these information are saved in articles which can be accessed through this site.

You can also find here tutorials and information about IT, technology and other non-IT topics.

Article submission: If you want to submit a tutorial or article (every kind of topic is allowed), then please contact the admin on If you get the permission and a user account by the administrator then you can create articles on ard Wiki.
Translate an article: You can also translate an article with the command: <translate> ... </translate>

User registration: User registration is disabled. ALL ARTICLE ARE STILL ACCESSIBLE AND AVAILABLE WITHOUT LOGIN ON THIS SITE. You can access only through a user account which was created by the admin. If the admin allows you to create articles on this websites, then you will get a user account on this site.

Accessing articles: To access articles please use the links below (Links on this site). You can also search for articles in the search bar which is on the top of this site. Articles are also summed up in categories which can be displayed if you click on the links below.

Available content languages: Mostly English, but also German (topics about cities, countries and traveling). The articles are available separatly in their respective language and you can access them regardless your selected interface language.

If there are any questions regarding this site then please contact the admin on the site

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